Financial - Price ListENG


Service Price
Matrimonial FinancesTo assist with obtaining a resolution to issues relating to finances upon the breakdown of marriage. £200.00 per hour Excluding VAT


Disbursement Price
Court fee £255.00 Including VAT

Key Stages and Timescales

Key Stage Timescale
Initial contact with other party 2 – 7 day(s)
Financial disclosure from both parties 4 – 12 week(s)
Referral to mediation if appropriate 2 – 4 week(s)
Court application when appropriate and following mediation 2 – 4 week(s)
First court appointment after application made 8 – 12 week(s)


Sarah Shenton


Qualification Educational Institution
LLB (Hons) Sheffield Hallam University
Areas of Law Practiced Experience Time Spent
Family 17 year(s) 100%